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It’s time you moved your business virtual by our back-office support team

For a non-profit organization or NGO, it is vital to efficiently manage its database which is much more than just names and transactions. At OBSA, we help you enter, digitize and manage huge volumes of data with utmost ease and accuracy.

We efficiently build comprehensive databases that help you make informed decisions and streamline business processes. While helping you save your valuable time and company's cost, we ensure that you and your staff focus on your core business – building strong relationships with donors, benefactors and sponsors to raise more money for your organizational mission.

OBSA data management solutions, tailored specifically for Non-Profit Organization or NGO are discussed below



To help you organize your business-critical information, our data entry experts key-in your data in easy-to-access format with 99.995% accuracy. We can capture valuable data from handwritten documents, web data, scanned images and other sources of information. We also follow Double Entry System (DES), as and when required, to ensure zero errors in the output.


Your data can prove to be deterrent in the smooth functioning of business if it contains inaccurate, obsolete, duplicate or incomplete information. Thus, we use proven methodology to cleanse, enrich and standardize your database. Our experts make sure that your data is accurate, dependable and actionable.


To help you formulate the right marketing strategy and reach out to the target audience, our professionals compile up-to-date mailing lists that contain correct contact details including name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers, job profile, etc. of your potential customers, target sponsors and donors.


Benefits of Working with Us


Cut Costs and Save Money.

When you hire us, you will get to avoid the additional expenses that comes with hiring employees and lower your labor costs. This means you get to save more money!

Save Time & Increase Productivity.

Instead of being tied down by too much work, you will save time by delegating all your time-consuming data entry to our Data Experts which in turn will increase your productivity. You will be able to reduce your daily workload by at least 50%.

Confidentiality & Nondisclosure

 OBSA respects your confidentially. We will never disclose your name or contact details without written permission. All work submitted is safely stored online in a secure online portal and only trusted experts whom we have interviewed and screened will have access to your information. If ever you decide to cancel our service, we will delete your project message board entirely.

 All our virtual staff sign non-disclosure privacy agreement.