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It’s time you moved your business virtual by our back-office support team

We offer a broad spectrum of data entry services for law firms. From softcopies to statistics, graphics to printed material, our specialists are adept at working with all formats and converting them into digitized legal documents. We have a specialized team to handle legal data entry services for law firms and all of them have years of experience in this sector, giving them a robust knowledge of legal terminologies and concepts.

  • Data entry for case details
  • Insurance claim records
  • Court forms
  • Legislation scans
  • Divorce forms
  • Import/export legal shipping documents
  • Data entries of mailing lists and labels
  • Immigration forms
  • Arbitration and litigation forms
  • Compiling, stacking, and structuring of data
  • Digitization of data entries
  • Data sorting and cataloging
  • Data entry backup and storage services
  • Business contracts like MOU, partnership deeds, etc.
  • Real-estate and other property-related documents

Data entry for legal documents requires high confidentiality and knowledge of complex legal terminologies used in the field of law. Law firms, attorneys, solicitors, legal advisors, advocates, and other legal service facilitators have loads of legal documents, mostly kept and recorded in an unstructured way. At the time of urgency or immediate requirement of any information, it becomes a tedious task for them to find the relevant information. An expert team is required to carry out professional data entry services that can also guarantee complete data confidentiality. OBSA has proven to be the best outsourcing partner for global lawyers and law firms. Our experienced and supremely qualified team of legal experts, data entry specialists, and other professionals can help you in manual data entry or automating the data entry process, thereby, organizing information for its easy access in the future.

In terms of source formats, you can choose one or a combination of three approaches for our legal data entry services.

  • Data entry from a paper/printed format
  • Data entry from any electronic text-based format
  • Data entry from any electronic graphic-based format

Our Legal Data Entry Process


When the company gets in touch with us to avail of our legal data entry services, our team first assesses and analyzes the needs of the client.


We take necessary measures to verify and securely receive data from clients for data entry.


We carry out the conversion and data entry work on the verified data.


After performing data entry, we process the data in the format desired by the client


 The legal data entry process undergoes multiple quality checks before the files are sent to the client for approval


The legal data entry process undergoes multiple quality checks before the files are sent to the client for approval.

Benefits of Working with Us

Cut Costs and Save Money.

  • Save about 60% on operational expenses
  • Get your data digitized at a precision level of 98% or even more
  • We have an understanding of the requirements of the legal sector and able to offer you personalized solutions for your particular needs
  • To evaluate our know-how, try our FREE trial for any data entry service, which you may be curious about
  • Quick turnaround of tasks with the support of our extensive pool of skilled specialists
  • Quality of service is guaranteed with our efficient data entry processes and quality control measures
  • No loss or slip of data – Our strict data security procedures and practices ascertain the same.

Confidentiality & Nondisclosure

OBSA respects your confidentially. We will never disclose your name or contact details without written permission. All work submitted is safely stored online in a secure online portal and only trusted experts whom we have interviewed and screened will have access to your information. If ever you decide to cancel our service, we will delete your project message board entirely.

 All our virtual staff sign non-disclosure privacy agreement

100% protection of Your Data

We place high regard to data security, take all mandatory measures, and follow strict procedures to ensure the same