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It’s time you moved your business virtual by our back-office support team

Institutions Processing checks from various business transactions is a tedious assignment for any organization. Often, errors creep in irrespective of the efforts that go in to the verification process. This might lead to serious problems and affect the relationships with various stakeholders. Besides, carrying out check clearance in-house requires dedicated resources resulting in added expenses.

Outsourcing check processing may just be the solution you are looking for - it frees you of the administrative and management responsibilities involved in the process. Leave your check processing functions to OBSA, while you enjoy a time and cost advantage. We ensure prompt and accurate financial transactions, so that you can maintain long-term relationship with your stakeholders.

At OBSA, we assist you in improving your check transactions by providing the security and convenience of electronic, paper-less payment systems. Having successfully catered to numerous check processing requirements from clients across various industry sectors, we can cater to e-commerce companies, grocery stores and supermarkets, non-profit organizations, etc. We provide the following services 



We accept checks through internet/phone/fax and even in the form of scanned formats or hardcopies. Afterwards, our professionals extract all information and organize it into suitable digital formats that are editable.


All the checks we receive are scanned for important data, such as the bank account number, check number, routing number, etc. This ensures digital backups of all your transactions and serves as a precautionary measure. Besides, we follow rigorous security measures to ensure confidentiality of all your documents.


We help individuals and businesses check and verify the validity of the check being processed and validate the history of account holder, if required. Our professionals check whether the account number and the routing information are valid and contact the issuing bank for confirmation.


This involves internet-based security measures to verify that the actual information of transaction is not altered by any fraudulent techniques. Therefore, this ensures added safety and accuracy.


To process recurring checks, dedicated resources need to ensure that the checks are deposited on time and the payments are received. However, once you partner with us, we will take care of all the recurring checks and ensure that the payments are made and received on time.


Often check bounce due to insufficient funds results in lost income and some bank fees. Repeated check bounce is a great inconvenience and will also have some additional fees. Therefore, our team will confirm with the check writer whether it is safe while redepositing the check, after it has bounced once.


Our Solution

Our dedicated and professional team of employees are here to assist you with the finest and affordable data analytics solutions.

If you are seeking ways to accomplish a higher rate of business success? Hiring our data analytics team at OBSA would be the impeccable solution. Analyzing the data has gained wider importance as it helps you to extract the essential details about your business in shorter turnaround time.

The well-experienced team at OBSA will provide you with the cost-effective and better data analytics services for enhancing the decision-making strategies.

Our data analytics process primarily involves the transformation of the unstructured data into a meaningful piece of information, which is presented in a visually or easily understandable format (of our client choice).

We ensure to develop the data processing or data analytics services with the appropriate mix of gathering, cleaning, segmenting, verifying, modeling, and visualizing the business data to get a better insight.


Our Solution

Our data capture expertise specialize in following areas:

  • Conversion of data from paper to image: We have the required expertise to convert large volumes of documents into digital images. The images files can be of different file formats that are processed and stored in database.
  • Capturing competitor data: One of the important business strategies is to capture competitor data that can give you insight over strengths and weakness of your competitors. Knowing all the crucial information about your competitor you get an advantage to improve your business.
  • Capturing data from promotional materials: We help you to capture important information from coupons, promotional vouchers, sales or purchase receipts.
  • Scanning and imaging: OBSA use its expertise to handle sensitive information in the legal documents that needs extra care. We scan and convert data from checks through OCR and ICR and securely store and extract information.

The Benefits

  • Save Storage Space: Converting your physical documents into digital formats saves you storage space thereby saving you money to be spent on creating infrastructure
  • Reduced Administrative Tasks: You can reduce administrative headaches and staffing costs to manage documents through document digitization.
  • Save Time: Saves you time that can be wasted in accessing and retrieving documents.
  • Secure Your Data: Your data is completely safe when it is converted to digital format. You can never have sleepless nights fearing to lose crucial data in physical format. You can have backup of data that can be stored at multiple locations


Our Solution

To be precise, data collection service is a well-organized procedure of gathering the business-related information from a diversified range of sources to take a business to a higher level. Executing the data collection process is a time-consuming and highly expensive strategy. Thus, take the initial step to ease your core business operations by outsourcing data collection requirements to us! data in various client-tailored formats such as Excel, Word, CSV, or Text.

Our data collection service can be beneficial for various business verticals:

  • Healthcare
  • Real estate
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Publishing
  • Automobile
  • Legal
  • Software Development
  • Market Research
  • B2B business

The Benefits

  • Helping our clients to generate sales lead from the data gathered
  • Optimizing the business workflow
  • Helping your business to formulate strategic decision-making process
  • Enabling the pricing or cost optimization
  • Gathering important data for various marketing teams to improve the business campaigns
  • Organizing the unstructured and raw data in the best format
  • On-time and accurate delivery of cost-effective data collection solutions
  • Building the powerful and in-depth analytics based on the multiple sales strategies


Our Solution

Data visualization service is the process of displaying the critical business data in a graphical or pictorial format. If you are considering to transform the raw data into a visually-appealing format, here is the right place to get your business demands satisfied.

OBSA is renowned offshore service provider of cost-effective and interactive data visualization solutions.

Major data visualization services offered by OBSA:

  • Statistical data visualization such as crafting new templates or graphs
  • Temporal data visualization
  • Modifying the existing graphs or charts
  • Creating reports or charts
  • Managing presentation and reports
  • Creating a customized dashboard

Our experts take the initiative of analyzing the large set of data comprising of infographics, charts, or other visualizations. We work hand-in-hand with you to explore the business insights, so as to help you with better productivity.

The Benefits

  • Using the robust tools for discovering the data and creating a collaborating data visualization
  • Focusing on meaningful analytics based on the business strategies spread across sales or marketing
  • Exploring the significant data relationship
  • Successfully analyzing the data for generating better decisions
  • Developing rich and highly interactive data visualization
  • Transforming the spreadsheets into extraordinary visual images
  • Ensuring that the visualized data is consistent and integrated