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It’s time you moved your business virtual by our Virtual Data Entry Assistant

For many businesses, data entry is a necessary evil. Keeping track of sales, invoices, inventory, and other information is incredibly tedious – but it still has to be done.

If you’re struggling to keep up with it all, hiring a virtual data entry assistant may be a great option for your company. A virtual assistant is a cost-effective way to maximize your time. They can perform all data entry tasks with skill and accuracy, freeing your time to run your business.

OBSA helps companies throughout the world get the help that they need at a fraction of the price of hiring a full-time employee. Our virtual data entry assistants will take care of your data entry needs using the latest technology.

A data entry virtual assistant can handle any of the data entry tasks that your company has, from logging medical files to inputting customer information to checking records for accuracy.

 There are two primary types of data entry. Straight data entry involves transferring information into a database using software such as Excel or customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Transcript data entry involves putting different types of data (such as audio and video files) into texts or numbers.

A skilled data entry virtual assistant (DEVA)’s main job is to enter data into a database specified by a client. However, they also perform several other vital functions, such as collecting, itemizing, and moving information from one format to another. A DEVA must also make sure that the data is clear and concise and can be accessed by anyone who needs it.


Our virtual assistants can:

  • Prepare data for entry according to your specifications (e.g., alphabetically, by location, or time modified)
  • Enter data
  • Create spreadsheets and reports
  • Keep records of activities and tasks
  • Ensure that your data is in the proper format
  • Delete unnecessary files or data
  • Convert data from one format to another, such as audio or visual to paper
  • Format business documents
  • Perform data transcription by adapting information into codes (such as for medical billing)
  • Process forms
  • Check all data for accuracy
  • Maintain databases

We work across all industries from finance to legal to technology to hospitality to ecommerce. Our virtual assistants have years of experience with different types of software, and are familiar with the latest data entry standards for quality 


Our Solution

If you are looking for an organization, which can assure you of accurate and standard quality document conversion solutions, you are at the right place. We can help you handle your document conversion requirements. Document conversion from any document format into the exact format you need. Full support for HTML Conversion Services, XML, SGML, Word Processing and most others formats. Our document conversion professionals have years of experience in the field of document conversion and are highly skilled in scanning and converting a wide variety of documents.

The following is a list of the document conversion services that we offer:


  • PDF to DOC
  • DOC to TIFF
  • Excel to HTML
  • TIFF to PDF
  • PSP to PDF
  • Books to PDF / MS Word
  • Scanned images to MS Word
  • Paper documents & to MS Word
  • Images to electronic formats
  • Scanned paper reports to electronic formats

The Benefits

Data Harmonization- to fix and correct the "minor" variations from document to document, vastly improving content reuse potential. Other than this, we have expertise in converting any type of document into the format that you need. All you have to do is just ship the documents or scan and upload the documents to be changed. We will do the rest and give you your documents in the format that your wish


Our Solution

We offer a wide spectrum of image entry services. We offer reliable, standard, productive and fast image entry services that you and your business can rely upon. Our image data entry services are managed by highly trained, talented and skilled professionals, who work together to complete any kind of job in the given time duration. In order to get desired results for your image data entry service image data entry service we make use of the latest software tools and technology accessible in the market. We perform regular quality checks so that you get accurate results all the time.

Our image entry services include the following features:

  • Data entry and scanning of images
  • Image capturing and editing
  • Keying or entering images in excel sheets or databases
  • Image cropping
  • Image Retrieval


Our Solution

An invoice carries list of goods or services purchased and from small retailers almost every deal requires this valuable invoice.

  • Data entry for self-billing invoices
  • Data entry from hard copy invoices
  • Data entry of debit and credit memo Data entry of sales and purchase invoices
  • Data entry Proforma
  • Data entry from scanned images of invoices
  • Time sheet and statement data entry
  • Capturing, sorting and indexing of invoices
  • Scanning hard copy of invoices for data entry
  • Excel sheet filling and MS word data entry
  • Invoice data entry into database programs and software applications

The Benefits

  • Save Storage Space: Converting your physical invoices into digital formats saves you storage space thereby saving you money to be spent on creating infrastructure
  • Reduced Administrative Tasks: You can reduce administrative headaches and staffing costs to manage documents through document digitization.
  • Save Time: Saves you time that can be wasted in accessing and retrieving invoices
  • Secure Your Data: Your data is completely safe when it is converted to digital format. You can never have sleepless nights fearing to lose crucial data in physical format. You can have backup of data that can be stored at multiple locations


Our Solution

  • OBSA has years of experience in providing questionnaire data entry services to various clients that help you manage your complex information easily. We have in-depth knowledge of processes involving survey data entry and processing and associated process of survey-questionnaire data entry and can manage complex questionnaire data entry as per requirements.
  • Questionnaire data entry is the last step in the processing of the questionnaires. The objective of questionnaire data entry is to move data from questionnaires to the computer, and to change data in a uniform numeric format which can be explicate by the computer in the later stages of the tabulation.

The Benefits

  • Focus on core competencies: By outsourcing questionnaires' data entry services, you can focus on value creation for your customers that can help you in surviving in a ferocious ruthless environment.
  • Enhanced usability of information: OBSA research questionnaires' data entry services help you enhance the usability of your content. The vital information that exists in an electronic format can help you make the right decision at the right time.
  • Assurance of quality: Our strict quality control process aim to deliver best-in-class services. After completing the data entry process, our expert editors and proof readers test the output and verify that there are no grammatical and contextual errors.
  • Flexibility: To meet your specific needs, OBSA delivers the final output in a variety of formats - MS Word, Excel, Access, PDF format, HTML, etc. in a number of ways - DVD, through e-mails, or an FTP upload.




It’s time you moved your business virtual by our back-office support team

Survey forms have great potentials for every business. The data generated by these forms help firms in making business decisions, planning their marketing activities and customizing their offerings as per the preferences of their targeted consumer market.

While the merits of survey forms are endless, OBSA VIRTUAL ASSISTANT SERVICES understands that attempting to process survey forms in-house can appear extremely tedious and time consuming. Thus, we have tailored our survey forms data entry and processing services as per your needs. Our motto is to take the responsibility of making this difficult task easy for you!

We enjoy client loyalty and global acclamation due to our methodical approach, competitive quotations, unquestionable quality of our services and strictly time pressed delivery. Our intention is to cater to a plethora of survey forms processing needs generated from our corporate customers having different business profiles. Our highly personalized services include the following:

  • Data entry of product survey forms
  • Data entry of marketing survey forms
  • Data entry of company survey forms
  • Data entry of legal survey forms