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It’s time you moved your business virtual by our Administrative assistant

With numerous core responsibilities to consider, real estate companies are often left with minimal or no time to handle their accounts receivables. This process is essential to ensure that all the payments are received on time, which is extremely important for the company to meet its financial goals, particularly in terms of the cash flow. However, carrying this in-house can be time consuming and prone to errors.

 Therefore, outsourcing real estate accounts receivables services to a reliable partner can help real estate companies focus on business-critical tasks. OBSA is a real estate accounts receivable company, which has been providing quality services to clients around the globe. We have the expertise to successfully assist real firms in managing their cash flow. Our efficient services will leave organizations with the time to optimize their business functions.

Hire OBSA VA Back Office support to help you with:

  • Rent collection processing
  • Setting up leases or leasing software
  • Applying late payments for delinquencies
  • Managing move-is, move-outs, and renewals
  • Tracking utility consumption
  • Analyzing tenant ledger reports
  • Generating reports on move-ins, move-outs, late fees, etc.
  • Generating rent statements
  • Tracking security deposits
  • Processing monthly rents and printing invoices
  • Following-up by call or email
  • Billing properties for management charges and other fees
  • Managing deposit sheets and input cash receipts



We provide best accounts receivable services at affordable prices, which help our clients save huge on overhead costs


We have workstation data security policies in place and also have biometric-enabled systems to ensure complete security of your confidential financial data.


We make use of some of the latest financial and accounting software to make sure we deliver accurate results within a quick time


We have a multi-level quality checking process in place, which ensures that all the services we provide are highly accurate and completely error-free.


We have a state-of-the-art infrastructure which empowers us to deliver professional services with assured quality












Hire OBSA Virtual Real Estate Assistant will help you with:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Administrative


In the real estate world, hustling for leads and sales is necessary. Yet hustle culture can be incredibly toxic, pushing you to work 60+ hour weeks and causing you to miss spending time with your family and friends.

The reality is that no matter how amazing of an agent you are, you simply cannot do it all. When you’re just starting out and closing 1 – 2 deals a month, it may make sense to handle every aspect of your business on your own. But as you grow and become more successful, doing it all by yourself is counter-productive and may even lead to burnout.

A real estate virtual assistant (VA) can help you focus on what truly matters when it comes to your real estate business – generating leads and closing deals. This is particularly important in the real estate world, where so much of your success depends on your name and reputation. When you’re spending time uploading listings in the MLS or creating social media, you aren’t out there meeting people and making sales.

With a real estate VA, you can take back some of your incredibly valuable time. Instead of spending time on mundane tasks, like scheduling open houses, you can focus on increasing sales. With a virtual assistant, you can scale your real estate business so that you become more profitable than ever before – while cutting the hours that you work each week.

In addition to saving you time and helping you grow your business; a real estate virtual assistant can ensure that the work is done correctly. Many tasks that a real estate VA can take on require some degree of skill. In this way, hiring a virtual assistant will often lead to better outcomes.

Consider SEO and analytics. Most of us don’t have a whole lot of skill or experience in this arena, and it would take a substantial amount of time and energy to learn how to do it properly. When you hire a virtual assistant for your real estate business, you can optimize the results of any marketing campaign that you do by choosing an assistant who already has the necessary knowledge and skill.



  • Creating buyers’ packets and PowerPoints
  • Designing digital and print assets
  • Writing blog posts
  • Sending mailers
  • Researching content ideas
  • Scheduling emails
  • Updating SEO
  • Managing websites
  • Tracking marketing analytics
  • Handling social media
  • Posting advertisements
  • Enhancing photos


  • Researching buyer and seller leads
  • Prospecting and making cold calls
  • Following up with leads
  • Setting appointments
  • Updating sellers on weekly performance
  • Updating CRM software with notes on leads
  • Updating property listings
  • Researching comparable properties


  • Responding to emails
  • Setting up meetings
  • Answering incoming calls
  • Managing calendars
  • Recording meeting minutes


  • Entering data into MLS, CRM software, and other software
  • Collecting feedback from clients and team members
  • Preparing sales and performance reports
  • Managing contracts and other documentation
  • Recruiting and onboarding new agents
  • Performing basic bookkeeping tasks
  • Listing presentations
  • Coordinating transactions
  • Entering open home data
  • Processing rental applications
  • Uploading listings

Benefits of Working with Us

No matter how great of a realtor you are, you simply cannot do it all yourself. A real estate virtual assistant can help keep your business humming for far less money than hiring a full-time employee.

Tasks Assistant is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs thrive. We provide high-quality virtual assistants at a fraction of the price of hiring an employee or even an independent contractor. Our assistants use the latest technology to promote efficiency and security.

Save Time & Increase Productivity.

Instead of being tied down by too much work, you will save time by delegating all your time-consuming administrative tasks to our Virtual staff which in turn will increase your productivity. You will be able to reduce your daily workload by at least 50%.

Confidentiality & Nondisclosure

OBSA respects your confidentially. We will never disclose your name or contact details without written permission. All work submitted is safely stored online in a secure online portal and only trusted experts whom we have interviewed and screened will have access to your information. If ever you decide to cancel our service, we will delete your project message board entirely.

All our virtual staff sign non-disclosure privacy agreement