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  • If you are looking for a single point-of-contact for a variety of real estate management services, then you are at the right place! At OBSA, we understand that rather than hiring a resident manager to manage the property or by doing it all by yourself, it's better to avail the services of a professional property and tenant management company to take care of all your property needs.
  • We not only help you create a higher level of trust with your tenants and key stakeholders but also improve the standard of your property's upkeep and maintenance, significantly.

It’s time we take the administrative side of

Hire OBSA VA Invoicing bookkeeper help you with:

  • Post lease and rental advertisements on newspapers, Craigslist, etc.
  • Receive tenant calls and emails regarding general upkeep and maintenance
  • Provide high-quality chat support for property supervisors
  • Take care of all payment reminders, legal issues, etc.
  • Draft rental agreements, process payrolls, and perform other property management accounting tasks




Our team can do all the back-office work relate to the property inspection of the residential buildings, apartments, houses, etc., which mainly includes background checks and real estate listings.


Our property management representative can set up contacts with key the buyers and tenants of the newly constructed office spaces or the one on the lease. They can also work as a liaison between the buyer and the seller to make sure that the deal goes off smoothly.

Benefits of Working with Us

You have multiple properties or rental units which require regular supervision and maintenance the Tenant Satisfaction Rate is of paramount importance to you an optimal use of space and resources is required for your property Liaising and maintaining relationships with skilled suppliers is essential for the upkeep of your property

Save Time & Increase Productivity.

Instead of being tied down by too much work, you will save time by delegating all your time-consuming administrative tasks to our Virtual staff which in turn will increase your productivity. You will be able to reduce your daily workload by at least 50%.

 Confidentiality & Nondisclosure

OBSA respects your confidentially. We will never disclose your name or contact details without written permission. All work submitted is safely stored online in a secure online portal and only trusted experts whom we have interviewed and screened will have access to your information. If ever you decide to cancel our service, we will delete your project message board entirely.

All our virtual staff sign non-disclosure privacy agreement