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Information About Products and Services 

 To all our prospective clients and stakeholders, I am happy to introduce you to our firm. OBSA Virtual Assistant Services was registered in the year 2017 to provide administrative and Back-office support virtually.

The world is ever changing as technology advances and this brings new methods of working and this is slowly changing the work place. The virtual assistance industry had it start in the year 1996 in the USA and since then the industry is fast growing around the world.

What is a virtual assistant company? A virtual assistant company provides remote support in administrative and office support services from a fully equipped remote office to different businesses and organizations using technology anywhere in the world.

 To work with our firm, you don’t need to provide office space or equipment we have our own equipped offices and staff to provide services remotely.

There are hundreds of services that virtual assistant companies provide, among these services OBSA provides support in Customer service, Data entry, Human resource assistance, Sales and marketing support, Administrative assistance, Accounting support for small firms and Creative design services. You are welcome to try our services.


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 Company formation

With OBSA we help you incorporate your company with easy everything is done online, you don't have to travel to meet us despite your location whether you within Zambia or foreign country

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Sometimes you may need assistance maintaining your company after registration, we help you with all the compliance issues with government authorities such as ZRA, ZPPA, NAPSA etc

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Welcome to OBSA VIRTUAL ASSISTANT SERVICES website! We hope you will enjoy browsing through our website, and that you will find a lot of useful information here. We pay great attention to the quality of our products and services. You can find detailed information about our products and services online or contact our customer service team for help.

Stay up to date with the latest news on our website and find out  about all our current special offers.


We’ve collected some of the most popular questions asked by clients as a resource for you. Feel free to contact us directly at if you have any additional questions that aren’t covered here.


What can my remote staff do?

Your staff will have one or more of the following skill sets: Admin support , project management, bookkeeping, social media and marketing, customer service, real estate support etc. Once we get to know your requirements, we’ll match you with either one or multiple dedicated members of staff to provide you with the full range of skills you need for your business. See our Services page for more information.


How do I get assigned my staff?

First, we connect by phone so that we can make sure we fully understand your business and requirements. Then we suggest the virtual professional with the right skills and personality to be a good fit. It's a fast and efficient process, and you'll be up and running in no time. See our  about us  page for more information.


How do you choose the staff that work for OBSA?

OBSA has a simple premise. We only invite experienced and highly skilled people to join the OBSA team who are passionate about doing a great job and passionate about work—people who share the belief in going the extra mile to retain that privilege. After a rigorous interview and vetting process, we invite people who have both the professional skills and an innate sense of service. We find that the motivation of continuing to work virtually from home or our offices translates into team members that shine.


Where are your staff located?

Our team is based at our fully equipped and furnished offices  and  some work from home on part-time and we'll assign you an assistant from the town or district of your choice if you are within Zambia, so that you can receive onsite support where necessary.


Do you train your staff?

The person assigned to work with you will have the in-depth professional background and skills to perform the tasks you have requested. OBSA's staff all have a clear understanding of how the most popular software packages and Internet technologies work, and undergo a rigorous onboarding and development program. However, you will need to train them in how your business works and in your business-specific systems and procedures. We recommend that you have a written manual—if you don’t, we’ll create one for you!


Do my staff work on weekends and holidays?

Our team members work during business hours, Monday to Friday except for virtual reception services we may work on weekends.


Do you provide back up when my staff member is away?

 Yes! Even the best people get sick from time to time, take a vacation, or need to take time off for personal reasons. OBSA won’t leave you stranded. All of our team can train a backup so that they can step in to cover them when the need arises.


Can my remote staff work with my online software and project management tools?

Yes, as long as your system is cloud-based and accessible via the Internet.


How quickly will my staff respond when I contact her/him?

Your member of staff will always respond within a few hours during the business day, and by the next business day for off-hour or weekend requests. When you begin working with your staff, you'll be able to establish a routine that works best for you both as you determine how best to allocate the time you have purchased in your monthly plan.


Can I assign a company email address to my staff?

Yes, of course! Your staff can easily communicate on your behalf and as an integral part of your team.


How do you ensure quality control?

We conduct a rigorous interview process and take great care only to on-board professionals with the required professional skills and background to provide outstanding services. We NEVER outsource to third-party providers in order to control quality. The staff you are assigned are the ones who do the work!


How does my remote staff member track time?

Our team track their time with an online stopwatch that is part of our online dashboard. You can log into the dashboard and see how many hours have been used so that you can adjust your plan accordingly.